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Dental fillings in San Francisco, CA
Dental fillings in San Francisco, CA

Composite Fillings in San Francisco, CA

Durable Fillings for Seamless Tooth Restoration

Composite tooth fillings are an effective way to treat tooth decay or damage while providing natural-looking results. Our team at Symphony Dental Studio uses composite fillings because they are durable and closely resemble the natural white color of teeth so your filling will blend in seamlessly. If you have tooth decay, cracks, or chips, contact our practice in San Francisco, CA, today to find out how fillings can restore aesthetics and function to your smile. 

Do I Need a Tooth Filling? 

Many people end up needing a filling at some point due to cavities or trauma. Fillings are a versatile dental treatment that can be modified to fit your restorative needs. The reasons for needing a filling can include: 

  • Chipped teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Gaps between teeth 
  • Worn tooth enamel 
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • To replace a previous filling

The sooner tooth damage or decay is treated, the better we can prevent the issue from spreading. Untreated decay or cracks in your teeth can cause irreparable damage, leaving tooth extraction as the only solution. Attend regular appointments with your dentist to ensure any necessary fillings are applied sooner rather than later to keep your teeth healthy. 

The Process of Getting a Tooth Filling

At Symphony Dental Studio, we can typically place a composite in a single appointment. First, we will examine your teeth and take dental X-rays to see the extent of the damage or decay. Prior to placing a filling, we will numb the area using a local anesthetic. 

Once you are comfortable and the area is numb, we will clean the tooth and place the composite filling. We can shape and polish the filling as needed so that the final result blends in naturally with your other teeth. After a tooth has been restored with a composite filling, it is normal to experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. This sensitivity will subside shortly.

Types of Sedation

There are several sedation options available. We will help select the right choice for you depending on your specific needs and treatment.

How Long Will a Composite Filling Last? 

Proper cleaning and maintenance will help your filling last for many years. On average, composite fillings can last for 5–7 years. This time will vary depending on your oral hygiene habits and the location of the filling in your mouth. 

Composite Fillings in San Francisco, CA

Our team at Symphony Dental Studio looks forward to restoring your smile’s health and appearance with natural-looking composite fillings. Contact our office in San Francisco, CA, today if you have teeth that are decayed or damaged to see if composite fillings are right for you.

Compassionate Experts Dedicated to Your Dental Health

We want all of our patients to have a comfortable and positive dental experience. Our team is always here to answer questions and provide support throughout your journey to a healthier and happier smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn about the range of dental services we offer.