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Oral cancer screening in San Francisco, CA
Oral cancer screening in San Francisco, CA

Oral Cancer Exams in San Francisco, CA

Routine Oral Cancer Screenings Could Save Your Life

Dentists and dental hygienists are trained to identify signs of oral cancer and disease. When caught early, oral cancer can be treated more effectively, which is why routine oral cancer screenings are so important. Oral cancer is often present without noticeable symptoms and can happen to anyone at any age. Having a screening twice every year could save your or a loved one’s life by treating the pathological process before it progresses. 

At Symphony Dental Studio, we perform oral cancer screenings during bi-annual checkups as a part of your dental exam and cleaning. Contact us today if you’ve never had an oral cancer screening, if it’s time for your dental checkup, or if you have noticed any abnormality inside of your mouth that could indicate the presence of cancer. 

What to Expect During an Oral Cancer Exam

During routine dental checkups, your dental hygienist will begin the exam by checking for signs of oral cancer. We look around the gums, inside the cheeks, above and below the tongue, and on the roof and floor of your mouth to check for any abnormalities. 

If one or more of these irregularities are detected, it could be a sign of oral cancer or disease: 

  • Unusual bumps or growths
  • Oral sores that fail to heal 
  • White or red patches inside the mouth
  • Thickening of the tissue in the mouth or throat 
  • Loose teeth 
  • Difficulty swallowing 

It’s important to remember that oral cancer doesn't always cause discomfort. Even if you are not experiencing painful symptoms, cancer or disease may still be present. Make sure you see your dentist for regular checkups to rule out oral cancer and treat any issues as soon as possible. 

Treatment for Oral Cancer 

As general dentists we detect cancer, but a specialist will provide treatment. If a biopsy is needed, we may perform the biopsy ourselves or refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The biopsy results will reveal the right type of treatment, whether that includes oral surgery, medicine, chemotherapy, or other therapies. 

Not all cases of oral cancer can be prevented, but you can take steps to ‌reduce your risk of developing oral cancer. Heavy alcohol and tobacco use are some of the most important risk factors for oral cancer. Lowering or stopping your use of these products can significantly reduce your risk of developing oral cancer. Wear lip balm with SPF 30 or higher to protect your lips from sun damage. 

Oral Cancer Exams in San Francisco, CA

At Symphony Dental Studio, oral cancer screenings are a part of your routine dental checkups. If it’s time for your screening or if you have noticed any changes inside or around your mouth, contact our dental practice in San Francisco, CA, today to schedule an appointment.

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