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Fluoride treatment in San Francisco, CA
Fluoride treatment in San Francisco, CA

Fluoride Treatment in San Francisco, CA

Strengthen Teeth Enamel and Prevent Decay

Fluoride treatment is an effective way to prevent tooth decay. Many children receive fluoride treatments to provide assistance as they develop proper brushing habits, but fluoride is also beneficial for adults. At Symphony Dental Studio, we provide in-office fluoride treatments at our practice in San Francisco, CA. Contact us to schedule an appointment and strengthen your teeth with fluoride. 

How Does Fluoride Work? 

Fluoride is a natural mineral present in almost all food and water supplies. Patients with a history of dental decay may benefit from more frequent fluoride treatments, while others can undergo occasional treatments to boost your teeth’s strength as needed. 

There are two types of fluoride: topical and systemic. Topical fluoride is found in products like toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc. By infusing fluoride into the enamel, it strengthens the tooth to help prevent decay. 

Systemic fluoride is found in most foods, water supplies, or fluoride tablets. Instead of being directly applied to the teeth, systemic fluoride is absorbed by your body’s system. It also helps to strengthen erupted teeth as well as those developing under the gums. 

What To Expect When Getting Fluoride Treatment

Dentists use fluoride in the form of a foam, varnish, or gel. Fluoride in a dental office contains a much higher concentration of fluoride than dental products sold in stores or found in food and water. During a fluoride treatment, we will apply varnish or gel fluoride directly to the teeth. We apply foam or some gel treatments using a mouth guard, which sits to your mouth for about four minutes. 

If you or your child needs fluoride treatment, we can often perform this at the same appointment as a dental exam or cleaning. After fluoride treatment, we will instruct you on how long to avoid eating or drinking to allow the teeth to properly absorb the fluoride. 

Why Would I Need Fluoride Treatment? 

Fluoride treatment can improve enamel strength for many people. We naturally absorb fluoride through the foods and water we consume, but sometimes this is not enough to prevent tooth decay. Your dentist may recommend fluoride treatment for one or more of these reasons:

  • Deep pits on the chewing surfaces of teeth
  • History of tooth decay 
  • Frequent carbohydrate and sugar intake
  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Sensitive or exposed teeth roots 
  • Inadequate saliva production due to medication or a medical condition
  • Not enough exposure to fluoride

During your dental exam, a hygienist will examine your teeth and gums to determine if fluoride treatment could be beneficial for your oral health. Fluoride alone will not prevent tooth decay, but when coupled with proper brushing and good oral hygiene, it helps keep your teeth strong and healthy. 

Fluoride Treatment in San Francisco, CA

Fluoride treatment is a quick and effective way to strengthen your or your child’s teeth. To see if fluoride can help you prevent tooth decay, contact Symphony Dental Studio in San Francisco, CA, today to set up an appointment. Our team provides in-office fluoride treatments for both children and adults.

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